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refractories castable
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refractories castable

Cement refractory castable is called regular or refractory cement / cement fire functions the same as refractory bricks as

protector / heat insulation in the combustion area of ​​the burner, furnace fuel, furnace, boiler, but with flexible capabilities such as

civil cement building that can be cast to follow the area to be applied to protect / as an insulator of high heat

tersebut.dengan raw material alumina, kaolin, foundry sand, and magnesia thus able to withstand heat up to 1850ºC, and already

many also applied to replace the fire brick on which it is difficult to apply area2 fire brick.

The application process is easy to reply castable culup conventional c12-c18 simply add 10-12% of water was stirred as usual / wear

mixing machine easier and flat to his banyak..biasa number for the area on the roof / anchor fields are needed in order

resistance castable is more nencengkram ..


castable C 12 to temperature 1200ºC

castable C 13 to temperature 1300ºC

castable C 14 to temperature 1400ºC

castable C 15 to temperature 1500ºC

castable C 16 to temperature 1600ºC

castable C 18 to temperature 1800ºC

castable C 155 to 1550ºC temperature resistant friction

castable C 180 to 1800ºC temperature resistant friction

insulating castable IC 10

insulating castable IC 12

air setting mortar Sk 36 temp max 1600ºC

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selling fire brick, refractory brick, castable, dry mortar, and other products associated with high heat

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